Cottages in the Woods

Boswell, British Columbia
Canada V0B 1A4

(403) 862-8844
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Where to find the cottages

Your Hosts

Steffen emigrated from The Netherlands in 2000, speaks Frisian, Dutch, English, German and some French. He is a professional Biologist who started in Calgary as Environmental Consultant, spending most of time there with the Orphan Well Association. He also taught part-time at the University of Calgary in their environmental management program.

He moved permanently to Boswell in October 2016 and is ecstatic to now live as he once imagined all Canadians did, when he was a child in Europe, save the pet moose... He also has his private pilot’s license but lacks the time, the money and the plane to fly!

Charlotte joined him in Boswell in 2018. She trained as a yoga instructor and is Dutch too, even though Steffen and her met here in Canada, one dreary late afternoon in a park in Okotoks…Charlotte lived in Switzerland for a number of years and helped run her parents health store in Sneek, The Netherlands. She lived in Ontario for some years too.  She needs an active lifestyle to be happy so Boswell is perfect. She loves traveling, hiking, snowshoeing and snowboarding and speaks several languages too.

Hosting has been a super experience for us, meeting interesting people from all over the map, geographically, professionally and socially. We truly are in a remote area and welcome all people who treasure nature, peace and quiet and gently reconnecting with nature and eachother. We hope to see you here one day!